Are you as tired as I am hearing the rant and backbiting from candidates on TV? Somehow I don’t think this is worthy of the highest office in our land.

One thing we could do to improve the quality of our candidates would be to agitate for a check box on the ballot that would simply say “none of the above” or “I abstain.”

Further, we could require the winner to get at least a percentage (40 percent?) of the vote. Thus when the abstentions make that mathematically impossible, another election would have to be held, with the candidate who got the lowest vote count eliminated in favor of a new entry. The voting would continue in this way until the politicians finally cried “uncle” and capitulated by slating a nominee people could conscionably vote for.

I understand that a few state primaries already have a “none of the above” category. In general elections, however it’s the same ol’ story.

I imagine career politicians would resist the introduction of an “I abstain” check box. A heavy “I abstain” vote would be a repudiation of them as a class.

I wish I could take credit for this idea. but it came from a magazine article many years ago at another critical juncture in our country’s political history.

Bruce Ward

McDonald Road