Swanky living delayed for C of C tenants” on Sept. 1 was neither well-researched nor balanced. It belittles students and families for trying to find a nice place for college students to live.

My son, a College of Charleston student, is now living at the Marriott. When we signed the lease for 930 NoMo, we were informed there was a chance that the building wouldn’t be complete when the semester began. We knew my son might have to be in a hotel until it was finished. CampusWorks made fair accommodations for transportation and food.

They did offer incentives to sign a lease. Why not? If the reporter had spent any time on any college campus she would have noticed college-aged company reps promoting their products with freebies and incentives. This is no different.

The rent we are paying is no more than the dorm would be and it is clean and new. He can live there year round, which means he does not have to move out and move in when dorms open and close.

Have you looked for off-campus housing? You’ll find either very expensive apartments in “historic” old homes or run-down homes that cost just as much or more.

In most cities where there is a large college there are many off-campus residences like this. My No. 2 son at Florida State University had his choice of six or seven off-campus places. They have buses or shuttles that transport students to campus. Yes, they offer many amenities and services, but where do you want to live?

A dorm that may not be maintained or cleaned? An old house that may or may not have a landlord who is responsible to tenants? Or a new off-campus apartment with amenities?

Beth R. Stone

Miller Drive