We now have an answer to prayer in the ruling for our Episcopal diocese and I have mixed feelings. My family loves our church and our memories couch many blessings and wonderful friends.

In my humble opinion we have one of the most mature and brilliant bishops throughout America. He tried to stay with the national church, but the leadership apparently agreed to depose him.

The question now is who is the head of the church. Is it Katharine Jefferts Schori or is it Mark Lawrence or maybe the pope?

The answer for all Christians is that Jesus is the head of the church. If we study holy Scriptures, we will find that all of us fall short of his teachings.

As I read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, I learn something new. I encourage all believers to start such reading immediately. I’ve found that peace and joy will follow, which only God can deliver.

Jack Cranwell

Gin House Court