We haven’t heard Hillary Clinton talk about pay inequality for women lately; perhaps she’s saving that for the general election.

Where exactly does this inequality exist? In all jobs in the public sector, such as police, military, elected officials and school teachers, men and women are paid equally. So are union jobs.

Insurance companies pay medical professionals the same regardless of gender. Real estate agents and insurance salesmen get the same commission. I’m not sure about newspaper reporters. Athletes and entertainers are not paid the same, but that’s because of their ability to attract fans, not their gender.

There was a time when women were paid less for equal work because men were supposed to deserve more money since they had families to support. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

I would like for Mrs. Clinton to give examples of a woman being paid less than a man in the same job because of her gender, and no other reason. Never mind the statistics. Mrs. Clinton was paid the same as John Kerry as secretary of state. She should find a different “inequality” to complain about.

A.D. Heathcock

Palisades Drive

Mount Pleasant