“The lady doth protest too much me thinks” to quote Shakespeare. Daily I read or hear Gov. Nikki Haley speaking out against the union’s attempt to organize at Boeing. Why does she so vehemently oppose a union presence? I do not know.

She doesn’t seem to care about enhancing the laborers’ lives. No, she cares about the fact that it would make her look bad. Just exactly what is so bad about the union?

Many years ago, while employed as a mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service, I belonged to our union. Our representatives ensured that we were treated fairly.

Until the union stepped in and said that we deserved pay at time and a half for anything over eight hours a day or 40 hours a week, they would work us like a dog one day then limit our hours the next in order to avoid paying overtime.

This is one of the many protections the union provided us.

My experience has been that management can be greedy — their bottom line is production and profitability at the expense of their employees.

I have had connections with the Cocoa Beach area of Florida for decades. My friends in the aerospace industry are thankful for the voice, protection and wages that their union provides.

Just exactly what is so bad about the union?

Janine Hillegas

Thorpe Constantine Avenue

Johns Island