The issue of the extension of I-73 to Myrtle Beach, in contrast to repairing current roads, is not one I’ve yet made up my mind on. I write only to counter the wrongheaded provincialism of the writer who opposed the project because of its links to Michigan.

A large number of South Carolinians, myself included, used to be Michiganders. South Carolina is proportionally the largest recipient of Michigan’s out-migration in recent years.

We have moved to South Carolina for jobs, for warmth in January, for the ocean breezes or simply to be in a new place. The welcome we’ve received has been warm and generous.

Michiganders are a driving people, accustomed to and appreciative of long road trips and time spent behind the wheel or under the hood. A more direct connection between our two states would facilitate a one-overnight road trip between most points in southern Michigan and the South Carolina coast. It would increase tourism from Michigan and the rest of the upper Midwest and let transplanted ex-Michiganders more easily visit family and friends. If there’s any state in the Union that South Carolina could actually use a stronger road connection with, it’s Michigan.

Dexter N. O’Connell

Moore Drive