I have not seen several important items addressed in letters to the editor about the proposed bike/pedestrian lane across the T. Allen Legare Bridge over the Ashley River.

Charleston City Councilman Marvin Wagner has said that it only takes one person to press the “change traffic light” button at the Hardee’s on Savannah Highway to back traffic up past Carolina Bay subdivision west of the Ashley in the morning.

What’s going to happen when bike riders/walkers press the “change traffic light” button on Bee Street when they return home? How far will traffic back up then?

The new condos being built on Albermarle Road were not factored into the traffic count when the bike lane study was done.

How about each bike rider paying a small fee for a tag and bike registration?

It would bring in some revenue to help pay for the new bike/pedestrian lane, if it is approved. It would identify the owner of a bike if it is stolen, or if it is parked illegally it would make it easier to ticket the owner.

Seeing the picture the paper of three bike riders behind the traffic cones brought home to me the fact that many bike riders just do not follow the rules.

Imogene Thomas

Old Towne Road