Citizens of this the greatest nation on Earth today are about to be afforded the opportunity to participate in electing our president. We are being asked to select a man or woman who hopefully will be the most qualified and capable person to perform the duties of president of the United States of America.

This election has by far the most candidates I can recall during my voting-age lifetime. Some can be eliminated right off as being either too far left or too far right. Some don’t seem to have the first idea of what is required to successfully administer an organization as large, complex and internationally important as our nation.

The June 10 Post and Courier carried a column by Paul Greenberg, a favorite of mine, who opined that Sen. Lindsey Graham doesn’t have a chance of being elected because he’s too much of a straight talker.

Being retired military I identify with Sen. Graham, who also is retired military — not because of our backgrounds but because his ideas simply make good sense for our nation. I believe we as a nation must realize we are the acknowledged leader in the world today, like it or not.

Therefore, we are required to take the high road in our approach to all we do to make this world a better place to live comfortably and safely.


Maj. Gen., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Eagle Landing Boulevard

North Charleston