I want to share with Boeing employees lessons I learned while employed by a construction equipment manufacturer in New Jersey in the ’80s. We were with the UAW.

When all the young families leave a town to move south to a right-to-work state for jobs, thank your local union.

When big manufacturing companies in a town go bankrupt or close and move overseas, thank your local union.

If Americans factories need a taxpayer bailout, thank your local union.

If products your company makes with union members are inferior to non-union products, thank your union.

If union members sabotage your employer’s machines, and you have no profit sharing as a result, thank your local union.

Because of a union, 450-plus jobs and hundreds of thousands of tax dollars were lost where I worked.

None of us ever had a better job, a nicer employer or made more money, with better benefits.

I say take your unions and stay out of South Carolina.

Joe Miller

Wintercrest Drive

Rock Hill