It’s not surprising to see the Department of Veterans Affairs again in the news regarding lack of care to veterans. It appears that no matter how many times the VA is exposed for failure to meet the needs of veterans the same practices continue.

Why is it so hard to get the problems corrected? Everyone talks about all that is being done to correct past mistakes, and then you read about a new investigation that shows the same old story of poor record keeping and failure to get the vets the care they need in a timely manner.

I have read several letters to the editor from local vets praising the service they have received from our local VA center.

This is good news. But what about others who have not gotten the appointments they need and the service they deserve?

I have never gotten any help from the VA. I have a service connected disability that I sustained over 50 years ago. The VA has told me that they cannot help me as my records were destroyed in the great records fire many years ago. With no records, I am up the creek without a paddle, as if their destruction was my own doing.

Even without the service connected disability I am still eligible for benefits from the VA, but I have applied over and over again, and I get nothing from the VA except a promise that they are working on it.

I have even contacted Sen. Tim Scott’s office for help, and one of his staff replied that he would look into it. That was over a year ago and I’ve heard nothing.

I am convinced that there are thousands of vets in the same boat. They are getting the same treatment, and no one seems to care beyond an evening news bite expressing outrage and then nothing.

The VA and our elected officials should all be ashamed of themselves for allowing this situation to continue.

Robert S. Weitzel

Farmhill Drive