Neighborhood associations across the city should take notice of what’s happening in Byrnes Downs regarding the enforcement of the single-family zoning ordinance.

Based on a recent article by Robert Behre, it looks like the city has given its blessing to a homeowner dividing his house into two dwelling units.

Advertised separately for rent, separate entrances, separate utilities, separate kitchen and bath, separate living quarters — but yet considered a single dwelling unit because the tenants agreed to sign the same lease?

From our city’s code, the definition of family is “not more than four unrelated persons living together as a single house keeping unit.” The city’s interpretation of this is questionable.

Councilman Bill Moody states there is no way to enforce against what the homeowner is doing, even though clearly he is renting the house as a duplex.

And the city actually thinks it can enforce keeping the two sets of tenants on the same lease even if they move in and out at different times?

Good luck with that!

I lived in Byrnes Downs for a number of years and the lots are small, the streets are narrow.

Yeadon Avenue, in particular, is already a “cut-through” to get from Savannah Highway to Folly Road. With the new elementary school opening in the fall, there is an accident waiting to happen if density is allowed to grow out of control.

It’s a shame that the integrity and charm of that neighborhood is at risk simply because the city can’t figure out how to enforce its own ordinances.

Robin Hardin

Preston Road