Charleston is a first-class destination city and business region, but the Charleston International Airport’s pre-screening passenger and crew area is not running adequately. And according to Charleston County Aviation Authority representatives, there are no plans to upgrade to a level of efficiency equal to other regional cities such as Columbia, Atlanta, Charlotte, Greensboro and Jacksonville.

Specifically, while regular passengers and crew members are pre-screened, many must wait in long lines because the TSA pre-check line is closed. An average of two of the six available lines are open. Business passengers and crew members are forced to endure unnecessary delays with departing tourists and leisure travelers.

Also, there are too many crew members traveling to and from Charleston daily not to have a designated crew line for entry to the secure area. Having one is standard worldwide.

Also, Charleston International has no plan to participate in the “Known Crewmember Identification Scan,” an enhanced security screening measure to expedite crew members to the secure area.

As a native Charlestonian, I understand we like things of the past; however, this is a necessary change to bring us up to speed in the current competitive business environment.

As an aeronautical manufacturing nerve center, shouldn’t we be at or above the world standard in prescreening?

Edward Bryan III


Tidal Creek Cove