There is an old cliche: You can’t see the forest for the trees. Well, you can’t see the harbor for the warehouses either. The anti-port crowd is focusing only on the sometime cruise ships. The Union Pier redevelopment will remove about seven very unsightly warehouses and turn about seven city blocks into public waterfront usable space.

The historic Bennett Rice Mill facade will more than likely be saved. Concord Street will be returned to the public to help offset traffic. There will be parking for buses to allow people to enjoy the historic district, alleviating some of the present congestion.

The idea of moving the cruise ships to the Columbus Street terminal is very short-sighted when it comes to the big picture of statewide economic development.

Right now thousands of BMWs come and go daily from there. Very large turbines and generators from major companies like GE and Siemens move through there. Volvo is next. I guess the anti- port groups do not care for this either.

There are alternate uses for Union Pier: Leave the cruise ships right where they are and use that seven-block area to export thousands more BMWs and Volvos. I can hear the train whistle now.

John Miles

Markfield Drive