I had an interesting civics lesson this week: I attended a meeting of the Mount Pleasant Planning Commission. A large number of residents of Park West and Dunes West were present. A developer spoke at length about his proposal to create a high-density residential area with a few stores. He was given as much time as he wanted to make his presentation.

Finally, members of the community were invited to speak. Some speakers represented HOAs throughout the community. They were all adamantly opposed the high-density plan, which would increase traffic for an already busy traffic circle in Park West. The “town center” the developer proposed would add a 254-apartment complex, not be a “gathering place” for residents as originally conceived.

Each speaker was given only two minutes to identify himself and make his presentation regardless of how many residents he represented. The two-minute limit was strictly enforced.

When community members finished, the developer was invited back to rebut the assertions. He was given as much time as he wanted. He rambled on, not really addressing residents’ concerns. After two and a half hours, the commission voted in a tie. The proposal now goes to Town Council to decide.

I guess if residents, like developers, were able to ... Sorry. My two minutes are up.

ROBERT SEIGEL Rice Field Lane Mount Pleasant