Here is another sad example of how far short our country comes in honoring the last phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance — “with liberty and justice for all.”

As reported in the May 1 edition, a Colleton County man has been sentenced to five years in prison for growing marijuana. Granted, growing marijuana is frowned upon by many reasonable citizens and even harshly condemned by some. But no reasonable person sees such activity as injurious to our national security.

Meanwhile, former CIA Director David Petraeus, after pleading guilty to divulging classified information to his mistress, something far more injurious to our national security, was not sentenced to five years in prison or even a single day in prison.

Outrageously, he merely had his wrists slapped with two years of probation. So much for what the Pledge of Allegiance means by “justice.”

As for incarcerating the Colleton County farmer for five years, how much will that cost taxpayers? Stories in this newspaper have suggested it costs far more to put someone in jail or prison than commonly assumed. Surely, there are far better ways to spend public funds.

Eugene Platt

Gilmore Court