I am horrified at the prospect of a 20-story high rise on the Sergeant Jasper property. I pray that the city’s Board of Architectural Review has the same reaction. This is one very bad concept being replaced by another that would be equally as disastrous and unsuitable for the site.

Andres Duaney approved of taller buildings around Marion Square. But he certainly did not advocate them for Broad Street.

A building of this proposed height would stick out like a sore thumb among the single-family homes in the area and would destroy the historic Charleston charm of the neighborhood.

Ten stories might be acceptable and less jarring to the senses. But please, not 20. This does not strike me as any kind of compromise, except for less density. The negative effect on Broad Street will be just as egregious. We are at a crossroads regarding the future of our area, (Captain Sams Spit, etc.) Let’s get it right. If we don’t make wise decisions now, we face a concrete-ridden future.

Cynthia Greene

Tidal Creek Cove

James Island