On May 17 Brian Hicks wrote about Amy Barch and her Turning Leaf Project. Her program has been able to rehabilitate prisoners and save taxpayers much money.

Governments spend huge sums of money yet fail miserably at rehabilitating prisoners. The Turning Leaf Project is helping people released from prison become productive members of society. If you are interested in helping, the address is: Amy Barch, The Turning Leaf Project, P.O. Box 80112, Charleston, S.C. 29414.

On the front page of the same section of the May 17 paper was an article, “Tax hikes may ride a rising economy, Local governments feel timing is right.” It says, “Indeed, sometimes local tax increases are counties simply following their voters’ wishes.” No. No. No. Don’t raise taxes.

Yes, we need government, but even local governments need to tighten their belts. How about zero-based budgeting whereby all expenses must be justified for each new period?

Jody Martindale

Smythe Street