We, the undersigned historians at the College of Charleston, strongly condemn the recent statement of Donald Trump, in which he called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

If anything, this statement is worsened by his having made it on the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which brought the United States into a war to end Fascism.

Coupled with his desire to institute surveillance on mosques and start a database of all Muslims living in America, this proposal represents a return to some of the most vicious politics of the 20th century and is completely unworthy of our great country.

We are diverse in our specialties and political points of view, but united in our disgust that a major political figure would stoop so low.

Richard Bodek

George Street


This letter was also signed by Erica Buchberger, Lisa Covert, Mari Crabtree, Adam Domby, Rachel Donaldson, Jon Hale, Kristin Halvorson, George Hopkins, Tammy Ingram, John Lary, Scott Poole, Bernard Powers, Daniel Ryan, Joshua Shanes, Rebecca Shumway and Robert Stockton.