complaining about the state of my country and the direction it is heading, all the while complaining about the possibility of Donald Trump being president. I am tired of people complaining both about problems and a problem solver.

This country has its back against the wall. It reminds me of what the United States, and the rest of the free world, faced during WWII.

There was a man by the name of Gen. George Patton who was a gift to freedom from God himself, to kill as many Germans as needed. He was a man of action, he spoke his mind and he did not care about being nice. It was do or die for his country and the free world. History has a way of repeating itself.

We are, as a nation, fighting on a number of fronts and are 100 percent without any hint of leadership. So here comes a man named Donald Trump — self-made, outspoken. A born leader, risk taker, hard worker and problem solver with common sense.

The United States will be over $19 trillion in the hole by the time the current president leaves office. We got this way because of establishment type politicians from both sides of the aisle. Trump is not part of the establishment.

Some say, “But Trump has no foreign policy experience.” Tell me, what amount of foreign policy experience did Washington have? What about Abraham Lincoln? What about Ronald Reagan? If foreign policy experience is the measure, then Hillary Clinton should be the next president, even though she was useless as secretary of state.

Part of the reason this country is in such a mess is because no one tells the truth. Mr. Trump wants to stem the influx of Muslims into the United States until we can figure this thing out (radical Muslims killing innocent people).

I would encourage one and all to read the entire body of the Immigration Act of 1907. Donald Trump typically answers questions in one sentence. Any typical politician in Washington spends 20 minutes skirting the question. After ISIS, political correctness is the next cancer that needs to be defeated.

When Donald Trump talks about America, he makes me feel good about my country. That is something that has been absent for years, and it’s time to bring it back. It’s time to make America strong again. When the current president speaks of my country, I feel sick and depressed.

Some say that Trump has a big ego. Show me one politician who does not have a huge ego. This country needs to have a serious look in the mirror.

Kent J. Artigues

Black River Drive

Mount Pleasant