Have you noticed that most Republicans seem to be an angry bunch because they have detested the direction and manner in which President Obama has led this nation for the past seven years?

They seem to think this man has been an egotistical, arrogant, bullying autocrat ruling without regard to the Constitution and with no appreciation for the separation of powers.

It strikes me as strange that many of them have chosen Donald Trump as their candidate to replace Mr. Obama, when he has exactly the same personality characteristics except he is ruder and cruder. Beside sharing the same pathologies, they share many of the same philosophies and friends.

The reason the Republicans haven’t stopped and reversed many of the odious polices the Democrats have enacted is simply because the numbers weren’t there in the legislative branch, and Obama controlled the executive branch. It’s called arithmetic.

There is now the opportunity to win the legislative and executive, and influence the judicial, arms of government for years to come. This is an election for the president of the United States of America, the commander in chief of the mightiest armed forces on the planet and the leader of the free world. A ruder and cruder demagogue will not get us the imperative win in November.

Moultrie D. Plowden

Wade Hampton Avenue