We are a nation obsessed with superheroes. It seems there is always some blockbuster superhero movie playing, coming soon or just released on blue ray. These are made-up stories of action, adventure and courage.

But real heroes go unnoticed every day. They are not faster than a speeding bullet and don’t read minds, have X-ray vision or any other extraordinary power. They do not have secret identities or live in a secret hideout.

These heroes are sons, fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters who wear a name tag for all to see and live in homes with mortgages, newborn children and teenagers. They were not bitten by a radioactive spider, do not have mutated genes and do not hail from a planet far, far away. They are born with only a desire to make a difference. To be a small part, a thin blue line, that separates order from chaos.

They really are heroes. And they are super — not because they are indestructible but because they are not and they heed the call anyway.

It’s time we see our courageous men and women for who they really are.

May 15 is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. Please keep our brave men and women in your thoughts and prayers and tell them thank you for the job they do.

Dan Isgett

Janice Street

Goose Creek