I wonder aloud: Why would any governmental board allow for a rezoning of a property to a higher and denser use without knowing what use was planned after it rezoned the land? Approved for a specific plan, not a vague idea of a plan.

The lack of understanding of the ramifications of their votes, and a true lack of understanding of zoning laws and density allowances will crush the Maybank Highway corridor on James Island.

The idea of the Gathering Place has merit, just not at this location, but at the edge of suburbia and rural areas. Why allow a huge “up” zoning without knowing what it would look like? The developer received the zoning and now is simply cramming in housing units. The city should have looked at concrete plans for the property, not just some vague concept of a plan that is completely not going to occur, but rather, a jamming of housing units. This is beyond ridiculous.

Who voted for this? Who appointed each of the individuals to these positions? They should be held accountable by the electorate.

Two hundred and eighty “Standard” units, plus 320 units to be built for the apartment complex equals 600 housing units. And let’s not forget the 125-plus retiree units that are planned as well. That puts the total at 725-plus units on 22 acres. That is 33 units per acre — not 33 people, but units. Many are multiple bedroom units — so we are talking about several thousand people.

Eric Draper

Broker in Charge

Charleston Real Estate Group

Folly Road