As a taxpayer and beneficiary of our state public school system I am troubled by the situation at S.C. State University. I am concerned about the continued availability and quality of education in our state-funded universities.

Given the rising costs of university education and the duplication of degree programs at our state schools, there are legitimate questions that officials at S.C. State should be required to answer as pre-requisites to their funding.

In media coverage of the financial crisis at S.C. State, and during the investigations of mismanagement and corruption for that matter, there has been a lack of transparency by the school administration and board. I would be interested to know the actual enrollment at S.C. State for the past 10 years.

If the school cannot provide a to-the-person headcount, it is possibly in violation of financial aid requirements, and certainly is in administrative trouble.

There are also many unanswered questions regarding the murky financial situation involving state loans, payroll expenses, administrative costs, tuition, scholarships and cash flow problems.

Accounts, for the most part, leave the taxpaying public puzzled about conflicting data from media outlets and school administrators and alumni.

I am one taxpayer who will support S.C. State in its efforts to remain viable if it will be forthcoming and transparent.

Chester H. Holmes Jr.

Shadow Oak Drive