Having had a family transportation business in Charleston for 53 years, we know a little something of this world. We believe the tragedy in Michigan in which an Uber driver has been charged with murder is not the company’s fault. You can only do so much in the world of background checks. We have no crystal ball to determine instabilities.

Of course, unlike us, the downside for Uber is it has no daily interaction with drivers. Noticing when something is “just not right” can be valuable in this matter.

Although not 100 percent fool-proof, we can be more proactive because we have a smaller number of drivers. I am told in the Charleston area alone, there are over 1,500 Uber drivers. That raises safety concerns. While we average 90, there are benefits to keeping it small. We have obvious issues with Uber, but will not dispense inaccurate blame on this one.

Jerry G. Crosby


Yellow Cab Company

Cherry Hill Lane