Sitting through two recent stakeholder committee meetings for Cooper Estates/Bay Tree/Millwood and The Groves regarding “traffic calming,” caused me to ask, “Are we becoming Mount UnPleasant?”

I have been in business for 18 years. Office Express serves my friends, neighbors and the community of Mount Pleasant. Located in Lansing Plaza on Lansing Drive, we are one of seven businesses that have a combined total of over 100 years serving the Mount Pleasant community.

Road closures would cost my employee who lives in The Groves (now only several blocks away) extra miles, gas and time to get to work, not to mention adding to the already crowded Coleman and Houston Northcutt boulevards.

Our clients who live and work in The Groves, Cooper Estates, Shem Creek, the Old Village and surrounding neighborhoods off Coleman are considered “the problem.”

And what about people living in The Groves who are used to coming and going and could now be restricted and maybe even blocked from getting to the next street?

Closing streets would hurt the hard-working refuse and recycling services, and mail delivery would take longer. Emergency services including ambulance and fire would definitely be impacted. If a house is on fire or a stroke or heart attack occurs, every second counts.

It hurts that this has turned into a “we vs. they” issue.

By adding “traffic calming” devices such as four-way stops, speed bumps, sidewalks, lower speed limits and increased fines, we can work together as a community so we can get through this.

We can all start by making a conscious effort to think about when and where we travel. If we must “cut-through” a neighborhood we can do it with respect for the people who live there and for the law by traveling at posted speed limits and stopping at stop signs.

Please watch for the date and time of a public hearing in the next couple months where you can learn more and ask questions. The decisions made on this issue will have an effect on our community as a whole.

Bonny Luthy

Owner, Office Express, Inc.

Lansing Drive

Mount Pleasant