I’ve been puzzled by America’s expensive and time-consuming full-court press to intercept apparent jihadists here before they can slip out of the country and make their way to Yemen or Syria to enlist with the ISIS terrorists.

We hear ISIS’s U.S. target of choice is the huge mall in Minneapolis, a metro area known to be a launching pad for young Somalis yearning to join the jihad.

My question is why should they struggle to reach the Middle East for training in bomb making and weapons use, both of which can too easily be accessed here, risking possible detention and arrest both traveling to and returning from the ISIS venue?

Why don’t we monitor all suspicious individuals, identify suspects preparing to depart, inform our allies regarding when and where they are going to land for appropriate processing, and prevent them from ever returning to the United States?

Let the misfits depart and get entrapped in a security net wherever they land. If they’re deported back to the United States there are ample bunk beds available.

The current approach seems counter intuitive. I would put my emphasis on tracking and derailing the home-grown group of wannabe jihadists already on the ground here within shouting distance of their targets.

Charles C. Cox

Palm Cove Drive