The Historic District of Charleston does not exist in a vacuum. While some people are quick to criticize residents of downtown Charleston for requesting a cap on the number of hotel rooms and cruise ship visits, they have overlooked the fact that oversaturation of downtown Charleston by tourists affects traffic in all surrounding areas.

Each hotel room and cruise ship cabin represents potentially one automobile per day which will enter and exit the peninsula. The majority of these extra automobiles utilize either I-26, Savannah Highway (to or from I-95 South) or, to a lesser extent, Highway 17 North through Mount Pleasant.

During the “high season” there could be many thousands of extra cars contributing to the traffic woes of most residents of the tri-county area on those major arteries.

If sitting in traffic consumes time which could be better spent in more enjoyable or productive activity, then regulatory control of the number of hotel rooms and cruise ships would be in the best interest of almost everyone living in the greater Charleston area.

Grace Reed

Lenwood Boulevard