I believe the primary function of government is to protect its citizenry. If this is true, I believe our government has failed in its principal responsibility. It is not my intention to blame any particular branch or agency of government or law enforcement. The government is too large and nebulous to point a finger at a specific culprit.

I do know, however, that, in most circumstances, someone who fails to perform his job is likely to be booted out. This holds true for the trash collector as much as it does for the HVAC repairman or the dental hygienist.

So where do we turn in the case of San Bernardino or 9/11 for that matter? I’ve yet to hear anyone take responsibility for failing to perform his No. 1 duty. I have heard it said, “We have to be right 100 percent of the time, but the terrorists only have to be successful once.” That’s like saying, “We picked up most of the trash. Sorry we missed yours.” Or, “I cleaned most of your teeth. Sorry I missed that molar.”

Our president’s solution is to strengthen gun laws. Does anyone honestly believe that tougher gun laws would have prevented the death of those 14 souls, or kept weapons out of the hands of those deluded perpetrators? Obviously, the responsibility for the massacre lies with the two misguided individuals.

Where does the responsibility for protecting us from those misguided individuals lie?

James W. Folk Jr., M.D.

Watoga Way

Mount Pleasant