Political signs abound in North Charleston. I know politicians need to get their names out, but 90 days is far too long to have to look at them. Some areas have dozens of signs for the same politician. It’s getting ridiculous, and I think some sane time restrictions should be put into place.

North Charleston should follow the examples of Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville and Goose Creek.

The litter from North Charleston politicians is abundant, especially around bus stops.

I am a homeowner and taxpayer, yet I get very little help from the mayor’s office or code enforcement. I would like to be proud of North Charleston, but it seems as if no one in higher authority really cares except to get re-elected.

I have asked why we can’t improve the appearance of main throughways such as Rivers Avenue, the city’s front door. Power lines could be moved and landscaping done. But I am told they don’t have the money and that Highway 52 is a federal road so nothing can be done. Then how has Goose Creek done such a great job fixing Highway 52 in its city limits?

Charleston and Mount Pleasant did a great job of landscaping Highway 17. We approved a penny tax a few years ago that was supposed to help fix these problems. They have fixed up areas around the airport, the civic center and Tanger Outlet, but there is more to North Charleston than these areas. First impressions do count.

Politicians should put forth laws that improve the look and feel of our city.

John Miller

Antler Drive

North Charleston