It was with interest that I read a letter in the April 11 Post and Courier regarding the hazard to bicyclists the drawbridge grates present on the proposed bike lane on the T. Allen Legare Bridge.

It must not be of much concern to cyclists since they already use this blocked lane by maneuvering around the orange barrels.

As I was driving into the city on April 10 around 1 p.m., a cyclist dressed in all the proper gear — helmet, spandex, water bottle — was pedaling across the bridge.

Then there are cyclists who disregard other traffic regulations, such as stop signs and one-way streets, and ride on a dark street wearing dark clothing without reflective markings.

Such disregard for the law, or their personal safety, puts a bad taste in the mouths of non-cyclists. Is it any wonder motorists and cyclists are at odds?

Dorothy Glover

Spring Grove Road

Adams Run