Donald Trump says, “I can be more presidential than anybody if I want to be. I can be more presidential than anybody.” Using language you’ll understand, Mr. Trump, I triple-dog dare you to be presidential for a week.

Suggestions: Tweet no more than once per day. Trump tweeted 265 times between March 1 and March 18 (about 15 per day). President Obama tweeted 12 times during that same period (fewer than 1 per day), and a couple were about identifying a Supreme Court nominee. Say something positive about America. Mr. Trump glorifies Vladimir Putin, praises China and exalts Mexican and Vietnamese deal-making prowess. If Trump feels America is so terrible and its leaders weak, why has he stayed so long?

Provide detailed specifics about a Trump policy, any policy, during a rally or interview. Trump uses fourth-grade-speak during those events, offering naïve, catch- phrase solutions for complex national and international problems. Perhaps he thinks at that level too?

Trump claims he will be more presidential after winning the Republican nomination. I want proof before primary season is over. Rise above the fray, Mr. Trump, and accept my triple-dog dare.

Jeff Freppon

Huger Street