An April 26 report in The Post and Courier pertained to the current North Charleston police chief and mayor. It may be time for North Charleston to have a black mayor and police chief who can bring a healthy appearance and stable environment.

There is little doubt former police chief Jon Zumalt presented a good business appearance and appeared to be an excellent law enforcement leader.

Maybe it’s time for North Charleston voters to get away from the good ol’ boy system that does not work. Sumter had a black woman as its police chief who was excellent. North Charleston can have the same. South Carolina has an excellent woman as governor. North Charleston can have an excellent woman or black person as mayor.

Like some of my friends, I am making plans to move out of North Charleston to avoid any more nonsense from the North Charleston Police Department.

I was stopped by a North Charleston police officer without cause. When I pointed out his mistake, he became rude and angry.

As a retired investigator, I have seen some in law enforcement who refuse to admit error, I suppose from too much pride.

Voters need to use wisdom in whom they vote into office.

Robert Smith

Long Shadow Lane

North Charleston