A Feb. 3 letter writer suggests that Iranian President Rouhani is a moderate with whom the United States can make a deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

While Rouhani may be moderate compared to past radical Iranian government figures, the assumption that he and his minions can be trusted to honor terms of any nuclear “agreement” with the United States is unrealistic and pure folly.

Various Iranian government officials and mullahs holding power since the 1979 revolution have proudly proclaimed that they intend to destroy the West.

First on their list is their Middle East neighbor, the state of Israel.

While Iran has yet to directly attack Israel or the West, it continues to aid and abet various client Middle East terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to do its bidding.

Further, radical Islamist mullahs, who are the shadow government, will say and do anything to deceive American negotiators whom they consider infidels. This practice of deceit, called “taqiyya,” is allowed and encouraged in Islamic scriptures.

Obama squandered a unique opportunity in 2009 when he failed to support and encourage, or even acknowledge, the Green Party’s popular uprising in Iran that might have led to an overthrow of the Iranian theocracy. The regime quashed the movement.

During and since 2009 he and his administration have continually shown weakness by apologizing for past U.S. policies and actions in the Middle East, and an apparent eagerness to placate and appease.

Iran should be brought to its knees with stronger economic sanctions until its suffering populace has finally had enough and revolts to overthrow its government.

The people will need encouragement and support from the West, especially the United States. Perhaps then they will install genuine moderate leaders who will promote peace and co-existence with policies of non-aggression, and tone down their incessant anti-West rhetoric.

I look forward to watching Netanyahu’s address to Congress in March, during which he will lay out the truth about the Iranian regime, its goals, strategies and tactics. Until Iran changes from within, stronger sanctions are needed. There should be no deals with Iran, period.

The president will not listen, but perhaps Congress will.

Mike Schwartz

Divot Court

Mount Pleasant