In local author Charlie Geer’s satirical book entitled “Outbound: The Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston,” the peninsula is so over-built and over-touristed that it breaks off and heads out to sea.

In 2005, when the book was first published, it was considered a work of fiction. In 2015, we are not so sure.

Many years ago there were plans, backed by the city and the Department of Transportation, to have the James Island Connector touch down onto Broad and Beaufain streets.

A huge community effort stopped this plan. Today, we see history repeating itself with yet another large-scale plan threatening the very same area.

Never in our four-score years have we seen Charleston under such a relentless threat of overdevelopment. People talk about the goose that laid the golden egg.

In the post-recession plundering of the peninsula, the oven is heated and our beloved goose is about to be cooked.

City officials simply must reduce the scale and number of proposed developments.

Mitzi Legerton

Atlantic Street


Kathleen Summerall

Anson Street