In response to Kathleen Parker’s May 25 column concerning “thinning” the GOP debate field, may I suggest a tried-and-semi-true process that has been extensively used in our sports arenas — the “play-in”?

Has anyone suggested that Fox News and CNN use a poll to select the top five candidates and then have a play-in debate with the next 10 candidates, to select five for their major candidate event?

Those five debate-off positions would be selected, as with other live competitions, by votes (tweets, call-ins, emails) by the viewing audience (reasonably assuming only die-hard Republicans would watch the first debate).

Broadcasters might even enjoy a higher viewership of the play-in than the final debate, since the audience gets to actively participate. Of course, they could also sweeten the pot by allowing the audience of the major candidate event to tweet, call in or email their votes to determine a winner.

It’s worth a try.

Gary Davis

Windmill Creek Road