You may have seen the “thank you” ad we (South Carolina Stingrays) ran in The Post and Courier on June 21.

The way the deadlines work, we had committed for the ad before it really sunk in that while hockey is great fun, and that we do appreciate our fans enormously, it seemed a bit inappropriate to celebrate something as unimportant as a season of professional sport in light of the tragic week our city and the area have witnessed. There wasn't time to change the ad, but there is time for me to write this note.

God be with you, Mother Emanuel AME and all those affected by the horrifying events of last week.

I know it may not mean much, but do know that we at the South Carolina Stingrays organization are thinking about you, praying for you and longing for the good Lord's healing for all involved. God bless you.

Rob Concannon


South Carolina Stingrays

West Montague Avenue

North Charleston