The lead story in the May 3 edition on the lack of affordable housing in the Lowcountry seems to place the blame squarely on residents who oppose efforts by developers to increase the density in existing neighborhoods.

The residents of Summerville, Mount Pleasant and Charleston are resisting an alliance between low-income housing advocates and developers to rezone for “mixed use” and “infill” development.

The developer alliance says we have a “crisis” that we refuse to address. The real crisis has been caused by developers and more housing is not going to solve it. Its symptoms are gridlock traffic everywhere. Now we are told that if they can only build more housing in the core downtowns, people will abandon their cars and walk to work.

Where did this ever happen? Our political leaders should be pursuing light rail commuter trains to significantly reduce traffic as one solution to connecting outlying residents with jobs downtown. Speaking of jobs, the Obama economy can shoulder a big share of the blame. New jobs have been few and income has been stagnant for the last seven years thanks to the anti-business bureaucracy in Washington.

Peter Gorman

East Historic District

Civic Association

Magnolia Street