I am responding to a March 25 letter in which the writer states that our nation’s several million hunters are an untrained but great army for a foreign invader to deal with. For those who may scoff at his letter, just remember that in 1945 the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan rather than invade that nation because its citizens and armed forces would fight to the bitter end. It was estimated that America would lose more than a million men in an invasion.

Knowing it cannot confiscate a large percentage of hunting rifles in our country, the administration has made popular calibers of ammo harder to get and more expensive.

Most hunters begin their hunting with a .22 rifle. Go to Walmart, and try to buy a box. A few places are now getting .22 bullets, but at sky-high prices compared to a few years ago. Hunters and hunting are ingrained in American life.

Bob Johnson

Johnson Lane