I wonder about the media and what benefits they brought us and where they are taking us. I can only guess what my grandparents thought of radio offerings for their children, my parents. I suspect it was generally positive.

I wonder what my parents thought about what positive impact television had on their children, my generation. Again, probably positive.

But I am sure the reaction of those two generations to what television is doing to our children and grandchildren would be negative. The junk, made-up, unreal life being represented is not doing anything to upgrade the thought process.

Now we have social media and what I call “thingees” that are taking the next generations to ignorance. Wherever I go, I see people staring into their phones, checking every minute on what their friends are doing.

We all see them in restaurants, not engaging in conversations as they look down at their devices. I see them riding bikes looking at them, and driving cars while texting. Once I saw a person on horseback looking at a device, and you can see at every sporting event on TV people not watching the game but watching their thingees.

Do these people read newspapers? Do they watch TV news? I have a feeling that they have no clue about important issues facing our country, and maybe don’t care.

The problem is that they vote or will in years to come.

That is scary!

Roger Steel

Marsh Hen Drive

Seabrook Island