On Wednesday, March 16, a tractor-trailer pulling an “oversized load” section of a house (bound for Folly Beach, I think) caught an overhead power line in front of our house on Savannah Highway. It pulled the power pole over and snapped the power line out of our house, resulting in an electric repair bill of $627 and a fried dishwasher panel of $280.

Worse, it shut down all traffic on Highway 17 South from Wesley Drive to Stocker Drive for four hours.

Who is at fault, I wondered?

The truck driver said it was not his fault — he was permitted for a 14-foot oversized load.

An SCE&G spokesman said it’s not the utility’s fault — its power lines are above the cable and telephone lines.

The Homeowner’s Insurance folks said it’s not their fault; I have a $1,000 deductible.

The Comcast Cable folks said it’s not their fault, but they did not give a reason. Apparently, that’s just their answer.

Also, the telephone folks said it’s not their fault.

It seems that when the S.C. Highway Department repaved Highway 17 South a few months ago they raised the roadbed a few inches, so apparently it’s the asphalt. Well then, whom do I see about this?

It’s not my fault.

Ed Pendarvis

Savannah Highway