Brian Hicks’ column about the chaplain flap at the Nuclear Power Training Command hit a new low in the delivery of hot ill-informed air.

In case Mr. Hicks didn’t notice, a chaplain comes from a pastoral background. Anyone expecting affirmation for an immoral lifestyle from a chaplain needs a head examination. If a chaplain is nothing more than a “life coach,” then go with “life coaches” and dump the office of chaplain.

In my day (and yes, I am a dinosaur from a bygone age) I never doubted that any chaplain, Protestant, Catholic or Jewish, would give me anything less than his best counsel, and if I didn’t agree, I was free to ignore him.

Multiculturism and political correctness have diluted a chaplain’s effectiveness, but I think most of them still have backbones. They are helpful but do you no harm.

Chaplains, unlike the commanding officer, can’t fine you $200 or restrict you to the ship. It never occurred to me that I should complain about a chaplain to my commanding officer. As for the young lads and lasses at the school, my windy old-salt advice is to grow a thick skin and learn to listen to advice even when it isn’t pleasant to hear. You are in the Navy now, not a hothouse campus environment.


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