I’d like to thank Charleston County Councilman Joe Qualey, Town of James Island Councilman Darren Mullinax and Town of James Island Public Works Commissioner Mark Johnson for their recent efforts to have an important and long overdue drainage repair project completed by the Charleston County Stormwater Division and the SCDOT.

The undeveloped land near the Old Orchard neighborhood on James Island was seriously flooded due to a clogged drainage system. This caused multiple problems, from structural issues to landscaping difficulties and bothersome mosquitoes for some of the adjacent homeowners living on Oxbow Drive and Oceanview Road.

Thanks to the work of these dedicated public servants over the past year, the county and state work crews trenched canals and cleaned out road culverts to allow free water flow out to pump station 17 and the creek nearby. My yard, which had been a swamp for years, drained dry in a matter of days. I’m especially thankful after the recent floods.

I suspect other residents would have suffered significant flood damage also during that unfortunate weather event. So, again, thanks.

Josh Mueller

Oxbow Drive