Green windscreens attached to nine-foot fences directly in front of spectator bleachers are blocking the view of the six courts at the Jack Adams Tennis Facility.

I am a member of the Charleston Westside Tennis Club at that facility, located next to Johnson Hagood Stadium. I have been a member for more than 30 years. Over the years, no windscreens were in place and no one complained. The Recreation Department went along with viewer satisfaction that no screens were needed. Why, then, are they needed now?

Recently, the courts were rebuilt and it is a class-one facility, except spectators cannot see the courts clearly.

We rent these courts to play teams from Augusta, Columbia and Charlotte. We want our guests and all other viewers to see the matches from the bleachers. Now that goal is not possible.

We asked the Recreation Department to have the windscreens removed, but our request fell on deaf ears.

The club president met with Mayor Joe Riley and the ombudsman, Brian Sheehan, to assist in getting the windscreens removed. It has been over two months, and the screens are still in place.

The problem isn’t just spectators not being able to see matches. If you are inside on the courts, you cannot see who is sitting in the bleachers or who is loitering on the outside. This poses a safety risk.

The City of Charleston, voted the Best Tennis Town in the U.S., should remove the windscreens.

Mattie P. Sanders

Betsy Road