It is no mystery that our culture confuses sex with love. The sad realities of sex and violence are seen in two articles in the May 31 Post and Courier.

One covers unresolved rape cases and the other describes domestic violence’s connection with police shootings.

Another May 25 article on the law against domestic violence states it “... will take a dramatic shift in the way men view violence and women.”

Unfortunately Charleston County School District’s Health Advisory Committee didn’t help these relationships with its recent unanimous vote to approve a school sex curriculum, Making Proud Choices (MPC).

For example, the Journal of American Medical Association, 2001, states adolescent sex increases risk of partner violence.

MPC regularly crosses the line by promoting and graphically describing various types of sexual encounters between and intra gender. Many feel it ventures into actual pornography.

This curriculum extends to grade school children. More significantly, it describes these sexual encounters as “making love.” This blatantly crosses moral boundaries.

Our youth and culture already struggle to understand the difference between sex and love without having a curriculum that calls them one and the same.

Statistics show a successful relationship must be based on genuine love, not sex. (Journal of Family, 2002).

Our youth are searching for answers. For their futures’ sake, let’s not give them a world of confusion.

Al Schirduan

W. Hudson Street

Folly Beach