With the state seeking ways to fund necessary improvements and repairs to our highways, one source of additional funds is being overlooked.

Every day unregistered and untaxed trailers carry everything from pleasure boats to building materials across state roads. Landscapers tote their machinery, 20-foot high stacks of pine straw and entire lawns of sod on conveyances behind trucks that are sometimes smaller than the trailer itself.

Some trailers have four, six or eight tires rolling across our roads. They do not have suspension systems to cushion the impact of bumps nor do they have differential axles to eliminate excess friction of the tires on the pavement when turning.

Trailers, whether personal or commercial, are using and abusing our roads as much, if not more, than any cars in the state. It is time to require them to be registered and taxed annually if they are used to supplement what a car or truck cannot handle.

Mark Palasek

Stamby Place

Mount Pleasant