Take the tests

I’ve read several articles in reference to the opt-out request for standardized testing. I just hope that parents and students recognize that while the state can’t force a student to take the test, the student receives a zero as a score.

Fourth graders’ test scores are used for middle school placement. If a fourth grader doesn’t take the test he receives a zero. Colleges will view the zeroes given high school students who don’t take the test.

As a third grade teacher and the parent of a fourth grader, I understand that students can feel “stressed” about taking the test. However, I am concerned that parents might be sending them the wrong message.

Are we saying our students can’t handle stress? Are we inadvertently sending the message that life isn’t stressful and when it gets stressful you should just walk away?

While I don’t necessarily agree with the standardized testing, I view this as an opportunity to teach students how to handle pressure without giving up. Isn’t that what adults do on a daily basis?

Laura Moore

Third Grade, National Board Certified Teacher

James B. Edwards

Elementary School

Von Kolnitz Road

Mount Pleasant