Most newspapers and certainly most citizens of this state support a comprehensive domestic violence bill. The Senate bill is such a bill.

Unfortunately, the House bill does not contain the provision to prevent those convicted of domestic abuse or against whom a protective order has been placed by the courts from having firearms. Those who have physically attacked others and who are a threat to their spouses have forfeited their right to guns.

The terrible cycle of domestic violence needs to be broken in this state, and we need to hold our legislators accountable on this issue.

Too often some South Carolina legislators make a great deal of fuss about doing the right thing and then slowly allow good legislation to die, as we are seeing now with ethics legislation. We cannot let this happen with meaningful laws about domestic abuse.

Contact your legislators so they will hear your voice. Some of them are counting on you to remain silent.

Ellie Setser

Advocacy Chair

American Association of University Women

Trail Hollow Drive