I think most people will agree that the bridge named in honor of Arthur Ravenel should keep that name, not only to honor the man who worked so hard to get the bridge built, but also for the simple fact it is a bridge, not a skyway.

However, there are two skyways attached to the bridge and that leads to the possibility for compromise. Heading into Charleston from Mount Pleasant at the end of the bridge is a skyway leading to the Crosstown. A sign could be placed there reading Sweetgrass Skyway to Charleston.

Heading south on I-26 toward Charleston is the exit toward the bridge and Mount Pleasant. A sign here could read Sweetgrass Skyway to the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and Mount Pleasant.

In both cases, the Sweetgrass Skyways are clearly seen as separate entities from the bridge and both names are honored.

This Sweetgrass Skyway proposal also meets the cheap and easy to pass criteria that Brian Hicks has noted is all that our state Legislature seems capable of accomplishing, since the only cost involved is for two signs.


Bradburn Drive

Mount Pleasant