After reading the Feb. 13 article regarding the latest installment in the Sergeant Jasper saga, we can no longer remain silent. We are Sergeant Jasper neighbors and walk by it every day. We believe that action should proceed in approving the project most recently submitted as Plan B. We cannot accept the apparent practice of delaying this project through obfuscation.

It appears that the Historic Charleston Foundation and the Charlestowne Neighborhood Association cannot build a consensus among their members. Then it appears that a technical issue must be resolved by the Board of Zoning Appeals before Plan B can be submitted before the Board of Architectural Review. We’re certainly no fans of the Beach Co., but can understand and sympathize with the frustrations they are experiencing.

It’s time for the rest of us to stand up and support this project. Thus far, it’s only the dissenters who are speaking out. Do we really want to look at the Sergeant Jasper as it is for the next 50 years? Do we really want to give up an incredible 2.2-acre public park being donated? This project needs to move forward now.

We are having difficulty in finding any of our neighbors in Harleston Village who support the idea of blocking the current proposed plan and retaining the existing building.

Who are these people who continue to delay approval of the current plan because of 50 feet of height and a few feet of offset? We urge Mayor John Tecklenburg and the City Council to act to facilitate the current plan as expeditiously as possible.

Sara Robertson

Bob Shumate

Wentworth Street