As a Methodist I was appalled to learn that the United Methodist Church plans to blacklist Israeli banks.

Why would we want to demean the only democracy in the Middle East and one of our closest allies? The plan known as BDS (Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions) surely smacks of anti-Semitism.

How soon we forget that 60 years ago 6 million Jews were killed in the death camps of the Nazi regime. It all started with anti-Semitism, as we are beginning to see throughout the world today.

I want to thank Dr. Walter Leventhal for his excellent letter in The Post and Courier Jan. 21. Believe me, I will not remain silent. I will stand up and speak out as he suggested.

I hope and pray that members of the Methodist Church will do the same and plans for BDS will be reversed.

Joan Sale

Llewellyn Road

Mount Pleasant